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Lifebreath Ventilation products (HRV/ERV) move stale, contaminated, air from inside the house to outdoors. At the same time they draw fresh oxygen-laden air from outside and distribute it throughout the house. flow diagramStale, polluted air is constantly being replaced by an equal quantity of fresh clean air.

As the two air streams pass through the unit they do not mix. They pass on either side of our exclusive and patented aluminum heat-exchange (HRV) or enthalpic (ERV) cores which transfers heating/cooling energy from the outgoing air to the incoming air. The efficiency of the Lifebreath HRV and ERV is so great that virtually none of the warm/cool air collected from your home is lost to the outside. In summer, HRV and ERV's work in reverse - removing heat from the incoming air and transferring it to the outgoing air, to keep your home cool and fresh.

Lifebreath’s unique dual-stream airflow design, keeps outgoing stale air separate from incoming fresh air and completely rejuvenates the air throughout the entire home – up to eight times a day. Lifebreath’s balanced ventilation technology replaces indoor stale air with an identical amount of fresh air. This balanced ventilation is critical to prevent moisture build-up in your home during the heating season which can lead to expensive rot damage and hazardous mold.
Goodman Indoor Air Quality

The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five risks to public health. Improve the quality of the indoor air in your home and extend the life of your heating and cooling system with Goodman® brand indoor air quality products. Maybe you need a humidifier to help add moisture, or a ventilator to exchange fresh air with stale indoor air, or an electronic or media air filter to clean and remove indoor air contaminants, or even an ultraviolet light to eliminate germs and bacteria from your indoor air…you’ll find them all under the Goodman brand label. Air cleaners help keep your system operating efficiently by removing particles that may hinder the performance of the system that you have installed. All Goodman brand indoor air quality products are covered by what we believe to be some of the best warranties in the heating and cooing industry.


York® Indoor Air Quality Products

The quality of your family's comfort depends on your home's indoor air quality . That's why York® offers a complete range of indoor air quality equipment that can ventilate, humidify, dehumidify, filter and provide ultraviolet air treatment to ensure a healthy home environment

Factors to Consider for Indoor Air Quality

Efficiency— Allergic and asthmatic reactions can be greatly reduced with a whole-house solution to indoor pollution. Since indoor air can be five to 100 times more polluted than the air outside, effective indoor air quality equipment can powerfully enhance your comfort.

Comfort— Unlike our whole house systems, portable indoor air quality equipment runs at very limited efficiency. Whole house treatment is far more effective when IAQ equipment is properly matched to your home comfort system.